Building Commitment
About Us

About Us

Our History

Established as a family run business since 1964, Brunel has grown to become an industry leader in retail manufacturing and fixtures across Western Canada. On the backbone of exceptional business morals and comprehensive diligence in all projects, we set the bar high and measure up, time after time.

Always focused on “building commitment,” at Brunel we know the value of retaining satisfied clients. On every project we look to exceed expectations and craft a lasting relationship with anyone we do business with. 

We have built a reputation of commitment and excellence for over 50 years, this reflects itself in everything we do. At Brunel we believe that our consistent quality speaks for itself and operating with expert dependability will always shine through. 


Our Facilities

Our  state-of-the-art facility includes a millwork shop, metal shop and a paint and finishing department. Each unit helps us serve our clients with a full range of products that include millwork, stainless steel, metals and glass. We have invested in the latest technology to achieve exceptional quality and high levels of production. Like our CNC point-to-point routers and computer-controlled, Mayer Beam Saw. They provide our craftsmen with all the required precision components, enabling a production process that is both seamless and cost-effective.

We can manufacture high volumes of fixtures to meet ambitious implementation targets.

Our People

Ivan Bach
Ivan Bach
President and CEO

Ivan lives for a job well done. The kind of guy that will settle for nothing less than the best, he surrounds himself with people who feel the same. This drive to succeed has allowed Ivan to build confidence throughout every step of his storied journey.

Joining the family business in 1991 and succeeding his father as president in 2002, he has built upon a solid legacy of exceeding all expectations at Brunel. Ivan came in with a strategy in mind, one that projected the experience and expertise he knew the company possessed already. Incorporating a longer term plan, Ivan recognized that life-long contented clients were the way to go.

Describing himself as “relentlessly in pursuit of excellence,” Ivan strives to become a better version of himself with each new day. With an unmatched sense of structure so strong that his kids jokingly call him “The General,” he looks forward to ushering in a new era of great things for Brunel.